Published in The Diamond & the Thief – October 09
Simon Cox
Simon Cox was born in Perth in 1989 and has lived there all his life. His earliest writing, at the age of about six, was mostly about spies that rode dinosaurs. At some point along the steady creative decline that has marked his work since then, Simon began writing poetry, with publications in Voiceworks, harvest and The Sleepers Almanac No. 5. In 2008 he self-published a small chapbook, Book Lung, completed while in residence at the Katharine Susannah Pritchard Writers Centre. In 2009 he has new work appearing in Going Down Swinging and the 21st birthday Voiceworks anthology. Be warned though: Simon’s recent efforts concern neither dinosaurs nor the spies that ride them, and many feel his work to have suffered as a result.

He is a member of the Cottonmouth collective.

Fragments in Defense of the Latter Halves of Half-Truths
By Simon Cox

Because I haven't been entirely honest with you so far.

Because polygraph machines have wet dreams
about men from Crete, and trace out crudely
Freudian line charts in their sleep.

Because even on her days off the courtroom sketch artist sees
the faces of her friends in hasty pastel outlines, and even on her
days off they still look guiltily.

Because deep in the forest one of the trees is a hologram, and it flickers slightly when no one is around.

Because - no really, hear me out:

Because the horizons are dangerously close
when you're living on the moon.,

Because in the beginning was the nervous cough
before the Word.

Because the pleading eyes of romantic fools are blind with love
(and sometimes pepper spray)

Because each new friend is an opportunity to reinvent yourself
(a little)

Because everyone is an extrovert
(on the inside)

Because God
(in the biblical sense of the word)

Because nothing means anything
until you say it out loud.