Robert Lort
Published in The Diamond & the Thief – September 09
Robert Lort is an ill-regular Brisbane based poet and an original member of the SpeedPoetscollective. He has worked across theoretical, fictional and poetic realms, inspired by everything from Surrealism to postmodernism to avant-garde music and film.

Rob’s the founder and editor of Azimute, a rhizomatically engaging publication focussing on critical theory, philosophy, and literature directly related to the French postmodernists Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. He’s also a regular art critic for various journals.

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Wie oft stellst du dir die Frage über deinen Geisteszustand?
By Robert Lort

Soft white bones, can they still think? She unties the ribbons and runs her plump fingers along the blunt teeth.

According to my calculations... cutlery draws came crashing to the ground following the 2nd primordial mirror stage
Thereafter, the cluttered ratio of conduits fogged the playing cards of the pinafored circus lads.
galactic shadows severed the inter-organic mirrors
parching the breath of fairground elephants and
toothless children began playing with scissors
Alice stood there shaking her head,
"who's counting the dead?"

windup accordion optricians puckered their queasiness
rusty fingers scratched the itchy fur
yesterday's rainbow fell crumpled around my legs
gentrified delicacies were left vanquished, ambushed in misery
walrus feathers neatly brushed into manicured madness
all the slip-static of imvaginated emissions
teem in heat wrinkles of insect grease euphoria
the dead groans of the universe, spat-out on your plate
you crawl back into your skin and set your cloths alight

primal and flickering, depraved once more
sinking between elephant toes, awash with awe
the residual labyrinth creaks in my eyes
discreetly wretching the golden entrails
vanishing obscurity to deprivation tanks
swelling thresholds of vomit puddles stretched over a quivering sky
Have you not been told? LOVE spelt backwards is EVOL!