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We deliver stories and dreams into your life.

Black Rider Press was funded from the sale of two drum machines and the money earned from writing and performing a theatrical play wherein a poet suffers an existential crisis when he discovers he is a horrible poet. In hindsight, the play itself was fairly horrible and was cancelled after the second night. Payment had luckily been received in advance.

We love a lot of things and literature is one of them.

The books we publish represent forward thinkers of our generation. They’re the writers who are getting us from here to there, teaching us some stuff along the way, and all we want to do is help them.

Publishing poetry chapbooks online is just us helping up’n’coming Australian poets who we think are going to be doing fairly amazing things in years to come. It’s us introducing you to some great poetry.

Our minizine The Diamond & the Thief is packed to the brim every month with literature from around the world. It’s the kind of Australian and international fiction and poetry that you should be reading, written by hepcats you need to be following. Bundled together like we were thieves publishing in the night. Think of Black Rider as your literary DJ, dropping words like beats.

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