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Mark William Jackson
Mark William Jackson believes that ‘poetry should punch into your head, or break out like your drunken father.’ Basically he believes in vivid metaphor and imagery that instantly injects visions into the cerebral cortex of the reader.

Mark shares his sympathies between imagists and neo-formalists, writing in an introspective, minimalist style, questioning meaning or extracting emotions from a particular situation.

Mark is currently collaborating with musician the Minordian on a spoken word album to be released in September 2010.

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If, at the end I’m asked
by Mark William Jackson

I searched in the tattered pages of time
through jungles of wine
and clouds too light
to hold water
in wet dreams of anger
I crashed through the door
to find an empty room
with no windows
the light socket shocked my tongue
should have checked the power
if, at the end I’m asked
I’ve learned nothing other than
do not try to kiss

As published in The Diamond & the Thief – September 10 edition

Beat(en) & Saintly
By Mark William Jackson

it was wednesday
& the wagtail blues
& bebop doos
fell like porcelain
from an angel’s wings

hipster crooners
who clung to rags
like oxygen needles
danced on glass feet
stomping at the gin bar
& smoking leaves
of fortitude stripped
from a sandbox of lies

we waited for a taxi
while the moon bled jazz
over the new york sidewalk
insects laughed
at the show
mingling with saxophones
of stone
& now?

do you do do the new move
cloaked in ageless slipstreams
in the rat tat of hep cat culture
does your coffee pour whiskey
into your mind’s cool blue fixtures
when your pen punctures pages
& when will you rest?

& is this a test?

historic light unsheathed
like a blade
to cut your arms
spill the blood
of fathers
like your blood
will be spilled by your sons
& what of your sons
do they float in spoons
in precious powder
crushed from the dragon’s bone
the flame licks the steel
orange blue lights appeal
flick flickering images
in rolled eyes of
tangelo tint

when the spike pushes in
what does it take out?

As published in The Diamond & the Thief – February 10 edition