By Matthew Hall
RRP: $19.99

Black Rider Press is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Matthew Hall’s debut poetry collection ‘Hyaline’.

‘Hyaline’ contains multitudes. It’s a poetical framework for ecological codices. It’s a guidebook for the ephemeral and the interminable. It’s an opuscule for the radical pastoral.

Matthew Hall is a doctoral candidate writing on J.H. Prynne and Violence at the University of Western Australia. He is the author of ‘Royal Jelly’ (Black Rider Press), ‘Distant Songs’ (Sea Pressed Meta), amongst others. His poetry, prose and criticism appear in journals around the world. He is a Visiting Academic Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Features Editor at Cordite Poetry Review.

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Hyaline can be bought around the world online, including at Amazon, Fish Pond, Abe Books, Book World and many others.

What they’re saying
“These are investigative poems that speak in a language of affection and pain, of beauty and trauma. Matthew Hall offers us a manifesto that declares its ecological and ontological concerns, and offers poetry as a possible healing. With great lyrical strength and deep but subtle knowledge, Hall’s poems act as tools for the reader to see and hear further through layer after layer of living tissue. Hall isn’t arriving as a poet, he has arrived. This is a work that offers a bridge between different cultures, geographies, and societies of poetry.”

- John Kinsella, Poet “This is a witness forming a mark, words shrouded in a measure of growth. Familiar likenesses become motives of ritual.”

- Peter Larkin, Poet, Literature Librarian at the University of Warwick UK

“Matthew Hall’s ‘edicts of landscape’ are ranged against the attenuated ecologies and procedural rationales of a poetry elsewhere too comfortable with the task of assuagement.”

- Louis Armand, Poet, Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Charles University, Prague

“Hall’s meticulous dexterity and precision of language is a vehicle for an interweaving of both love and concern for the two natural environments that he inhabits. The predominant note is elegiac – pastoral as a registering of damage, of loss, of love disappointed yet willing to celebrate its difficulties, even death. This is radical pastoral.” -

Andrew Taylor, Poet (excerpted from a review published in Cordite Poetry Review, http://cordite.org.au/reviews/review-short-matthew-halls-hyaline/)