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Eliud Delgado
Eliud Delgado (1984, Mexico City) was always an art and music lover and most times a poet. He has been a translator for newspapers and NOG's. He was a member of the poetry collective Devrayativa and is part of La red de los poetas salvajes (The Wild Poets Network).

His poems have been published in college webzines , anthologies and independent magazines from Mexico, and are also included in the Anuario de poesía mexicana 2008 (Mexican Poetry Yearbook 2008).

Eliud is currently finishing his first book of poetry and translating Spirits in Bondage by C. S. Lewis into Spanish. He teaches English as a second language at CCH, the National Autonomous University of Mexico's highschool. His poems, confessions, translations and random thoughts are spread online in his blog Albatrostardust and on Twitter.

Como canción descompuesta suena...
By Eliud Delgado

a media noche
        un eco en la memoria:
        nuestro rompecabezas
        de fragmentos revueltos.
Dos melodías
        se ajustan a tu imagen
        mientras tercas la evocan
        las voces en el viento
y los murmullos
        que repiten tu nombre
        desde las hojas secas
bajo mis pasos,
        fatigados de buscar
        las piezas que perdimos.

Sounds like a detuned song...
By Eliud Delgado
Translated by Eliud Delgado & Jeremy Balius

at midnight
        it’s an echo in memory:
        this jigsaw of ours
        and its scrambled pieces.
Two melodies
        fit your image
        as it’s obstinately evoked
        by voices in the breeze
and the whispers
        which repeat your name
        in dry leaves crushing
   under my steps,
   so weary of searching
   for pieces we lost.

Published in The Diamond & the Thief – January 10