Amber Fresh
Amber Fresh was born in Kalgoorlie.

Her poetry has been published in Westerly, Navigations, The Cottonmouth Zine, The Ponies, MoTHER [has words...], Metior, and online at Regal 8//Shelf 8 and Another Lost Shark.

Amber's first book of poetry, Between You and Me, was published through funding from the Department of Culture and the Arts. If you'd like to buy a copy of Between You and Me, email Amber at, or order it from etsy. It's also available at Polyester in Melbourne, and selected stores in Perth.

She also edits the Perfect Thursday Diary and the zine A Few of My Favourite Things.

Amber's band is Rabbit Island.

Luciana, over the water
By Amber Fresh

Today I went to church
There were American people there in all the rows
Well they looked like a thousand American people in an
American church, filled filled filled to the
brim with fervent passionate fundamental
strong holy unspoken certainty

This is the place to come to if you have
spent the morning getting ready
Maybe on your knees
Maybe with your face against the lino or your
eyes frantically fulfilling a
quiet time against the wafer thin skin thin
pages of the great text    MAYBE
But definitely each woman there had definitely
been in front of a body length mirror, and definitely
definitely had been holding in her hand a
blow dryer and a brush and expertly was
chasing her life into heat waves, heat waves of
habitual curl or gentle wave or straight lines with a
certain motion and amount of body

And two people were baptised, standing up in a pool
with a young man in jeans by their sides, cracking
jokes and then DUNKING them in and calling,
calling for someone to come and speak a word
(We’ll just wait on the Lord for a moment)
(We’ll just wait on the Lord for a moment)
(We’ll just wait for a moment)

And sure enough up jump the blow dries with visions,
visions and visions of an unfurling rose a
budding rose soon blooming and
filling the air with the fragrance of
Christ, and chiffon moving, moving across
the face of the young bud rose peach young girl in
chiffon waves like the Holy Spirit

And up jumps five women blow drying streaming
out from their scalps as they run toward the glass-walled
pool and the see Luciana walking on water and
Luciana floating on a sea of water, an OCEAN and it is
almost a miracle because this woman has
not set foot in water over the ankles since she was fifteen!

You see, when someone tells you it’s time to stand up, you stand right up

In the back room something different was happening
You see,
I had my cup of tea and
a woman was clutching both
my hands and
the words emanating
were just for me

You see
it was a

Bueller, anyone
by Amber Fresh

i know
some people
who think
the world is
6000 years old
but i know
the world is
about 200 years old -

there's me,
my mum and dad,
my nana and opa,
and maybe there,
over there
in czechoslovakia
and poland,
their parents
but after that
quite hazy

i believe the incas
are like a golden goose
in aesop
and in fact
it's a story to
make us think
other than
this life
is possible

but i am a small girl
in a large room
lined with clothes
and gold
and books
and toys
and many
other things

i have never
been to *africa*
because it's...
my cousin works
at the zoo anyway
and gets to feed
the giraffe

there was
an ark once
about a hundred
and seventy years ago
and everyone put their toys in
and they came out the other end
as fossils and as breast-plates
of roman soldiers

once i also
held a fossil
in my hand
but it was
more crumbly
and delicate
than myself
and so i'll let you
draw your own

Pushlished in The Diamond & the Thief - December 09
Pushlished in The Diamond & the Thief - June 10