Michael Farrell
Farrell recently realised two editing projects: Out of the Box, Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets (with Jill Jones) and an Australian feature for US journal ecopoetics.

His solo titles are ode ode, a raiders guide and BREAK ME OUCH.

As featured in The Diamond & the Thief – May 10 edition
By Michael Farrell

a glass of brown paper bag. a
mouth of fit sentences. yesterday,
at the shops, a time of rolling
doors, terms of encroachment: children
unfolded, their training legs attached. there
is a heaven: the word ‘
heaven’ resides there. be known for
less than you know. in english
, the word ‘eye’ is plural
. gentlemen fall down in the toilet
; rest your head on my first editions

the terms of conditions for tonights dinner are
: no fear in the rice,
no disappointment in the faces of the spoons
. bees make august theirs – its
a polleny colony. the character ‘job
’ is offered his own bible.
the darkness are here / the xx is
here ... a doors propped against a
wall, & walls prop against erotic mess

the caves are calm. you detect the
symbol for pause in the sky &
realise you havent noticed a thing in weeks
. the chemicals in your head –
where fish mutate. youre cutting up mardi
gras to make a song, a
pool shark tastes the boat: too salty
! togetherness & forgetfulness in the portfolio

an illfit quote among talkative ferns like friends
– or should be. ‘are
you taller than a tennis ball?’
tea or coffee survives under the tongue
; i feel the echo. human being
no.1, how do you
cure a pillow? the law blows like
a larrikin, a kookaburra has some
ear. such poemsre produced in the desert
: the archive should be the moon
to poets. the word ‘rhinoceros’
referred to an animal, i think

Published in The Diamond & the Thief – July 10 edition

poem for a four year old boy
By Michael Farrell

a car, a red car, drives off the
road & round the back of the boys head.
theres a green truck there, crying because he doesnt
want sweet potato for dinner. the car thinks the
truck is a ‘big crybaby’. ‘better
than a grapefruit sandwich for lunch’, the car
says. the trucks parents will probably come in &
take the truck off to bed any minute if he
doesnt eat. suddenly its a hot day & they
all go to the beach to ride on the tigers

the truck is laughing, the back of the boys
head is laughing, everybody is eating chocolate & getting
balloons & surprises & watching funny stuff on tv.
felix gets a new friend in the mail, he
is french & has a tattoo that says ‘sacre
rouge’! his name is cedric. he says
‘ecoutez’, & does a big raspberry in
felixs ear. felix pours lemonade down the back of
cedrics shirt, which feels nice at first, but
later, unbearably sticky. luckily felixs parents werent looking

theres a monster in the garden, but felix has
a big sword to save everyone with. the monster
has melty green eyes & the breath of a million
dirty socks. felix accidentally destroys a flower bush.
the monster trips onto the barbecue & gets turned into
enough sausages for everyone. everyone pays felix lots of
money & tells him that hes a great chef.
felix builds a castle with a toilet reserved for him
only. he sleeps in amazing pyjamas made of monster
skin, & goes to the sun in a rocket